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Living a healthy lifestyle can be a constant up hill battle! 

That's why we created FitboomBah.  Headquartered in sunny Newport Beach, California, FitBoomBah is an online marketplace focused on making healthy living easier by connecting consumers with the latest innovations in fitness, weight loss, nutrition, and beauty.

FitBoomBah is a play on sis-boom-bah, a cheerleading chant, originally an echoic phrase imitating the sound of a skyrocket flight ('sis'), the burst of the fireworks ('boom'), and the reaction of thecrowd ('(b)ah').

FitBoomBah is an affiliate only exclusive site that provides healthy tips and recommendations and connects this content directly to curated product and service innovations available for immediate purchase.


We source our offers from new companies or products seeking exposure and distribution.  And we seek to curate new offers, prior to becoming readily available on other mass market channels.


There is no cost to sign up, so register today to start receiving healthy tips connected to the latest innovations.

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