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Damn Handsom Mens Grooming Kit, perfect for Valentine's Day.  A complete assortment of shaving cream, beard balm, beard oil, beer soap pump, and scotch ale soy candle.

Damn Handsom Grooming Kit

$103.00 Regular Price
$85.00Sale Price
    • 1 4 fl oz Scotch Ale Shave Cream:  Full of nourishing ingredients and organics hops that will help lift the whiskers for a close, smooth wet shave. Notes of: Tobacco, Allspice & Hops.
    • 1 2 fl oz American Ale Beard Balm: Crafted with with avocado oil, shea butter and organic hops for a heavier more "groomed" hold. *VEGAN Notes of: Sandlewood, Cedarwood & Hops.
    •  1 Vile American Ale Beard Oil:  Our "gold-standard" of beard oil, with avocado oil, aloe leaf, Irish moss, calendula flower and hops. Notes of Sandlewood, Cedarwood and Sage
    • 1 490 ml IPA Beer Soap Pump:  Our IPA Beer Soap is a sudsy balance of citrusy hops and subtle piney, floral notes - for hands & body.
    • 1 Scotch Ale Soy Candle:  A warm, rich scent and 100% soy - a natural, carbon neutral resource with a cotton wick for a 50hr burn.

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